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Isabel Deslauriers

St-Eugène, Ontario, Canada
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Skills:3D printing, 3D modeling / CAD, programming, electronics & arduino, laser engraving, glass work (stained glass and glass fusion).

I've loved making things since I was a kid, which led to me studying electrical engineering and having all kinds of "maker" related hobbies, from 3D printing and electronics to glass work. Professionally, I spread my love of science & engineering through Let's Talk Science's  outreach program. I love sharing my passion for understanding how things work and creating new inventions with kids across Canada, and giving other volunteers the tools they need to share their passion too!

Recent project reports

Looking good
Posted about The Sun Cube by Arashdeep

While I was working this week, I made sure to print all the pieces I needed for the final version. I needed to reprint the base, because my first design was too small to accommodate the big selector knob, and I needed to reprint the sides of the cube, because they weren't perfectly square, which left a bit of a gap at the top of the cube. Finally, today, I was able to assemble all these new parts and give it all a test run. I'm pretty happy with how it's shaping up! You can see a few pictures of the different colors below, and a video of the suncube going through a demo cycle, which simulates sunrise, daytime, sunset and nighttime within a 2 minute period. I also tested a the 90 minute ISS cycle while watching a TV show, and, I'll leave the cube running overnight and tomorrow to test out a full 24h Earth cycle.

Posted about The Sun Cube by Arashdeep

Soldering went pretty well. First, I drew up a careful circuit diagram, to make sure I had a good reference to work from, in case anything went wrong (picture). Secondly, I laid out all the main components on a perforated board - you can see them in the picture: the Arduino, the MP3 player, the clock (with a battery), 4 transistors, and some resistors. After that, soldering went pretty quickly. I did have one bad contact, but it wasn't too hard to fix. The spaghetti mess has been tamed!

Spaghetti time
Posted about The Sun Cube by Arashdeep

While my last few pieces are printing, I can't delay the unavoidable much longer... it's time to transform the spaghetti mess you see in the picture into a neatly soldered circuit. Wish me luck!