Little Inventors

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) wants to make Canada a country of innovators and foster a spirit of scientific exploration for all.

They have brought Little Inventors to Canada, to help turn the next generation into the superstar inventors of the future!

After the success of the Inventions for Space challenge, NSERC and Little Inventors will be launching a new challenge late 2019 in collaboration with UNESCO.

If you want to know more about the challenge, be informed of new developments, and receive notifications when we launch, email us at

The Inventions For Space challenge

The challenge invited children across Canada to imagine and draw invention ideas to help astronauts live better while in space. It offered school resources created with the support of the Canadian Space Agency and Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques, and focusing on everyday actions with the added challenge of microgravity! Think about it, how do you eat, sleep, play or exercise in space? It’s just not that easy when floating in space!

Over 80,000 children were involved in the challenge, 3000 inventions ideas were received, 30 ideas were made into real things and two lucky overall winners were announced by CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques, live from the International Space Station!

The invention for space challenge might have finished in May 2019, but.... can still download the free resource pack here!

Mission: protect our oceans!

A creative way to explore oceans in the classroom!

  • Encourages children to explore their own creativity and become the inventive thinkers of the future
  • Gives children the freedom and inspiration to use their imaginations and their STEAM learnings to provide solutions to real-world problems
  • This year’s focus is on oceans, allowing Canadian youth to contribute to improving the health of oceans, seas and coasts

How can teachers and their schools participate?

  • Students are invited to come up with invention ideas that will help to improve ocean health and create better conditions for the sustainable development of the ocean, seas and coasts
  • Teachers will be supplied with online tools and a full resource pack to support the idea-generation phase with their students
  • All invention ideas will be showcased on our website
  • Selected students will work with a maker or artisan to develop their invention idea into a real object
  • The winners will be announced in early 2021 during the launch of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

Calling all Canadian Makers!

Little Inventors turns children's ideas into reality with the help if our Magnificent Makers!

  • Makers and artisans are involved form the start, meet the Little Inventors, and become part of their creative journeys!
  • Magnificent Makers get profiled in our exhibitions and online galleries
  • See last year's made inventions and get inspired!
Become a Little Inventors maker
I immediately got it, it was a really exciting project, it is a great way to push STEM in the communityHelios Makerspace, Montreal

News & Press

'Life in Space' inventions and our journey to the ISS

Little Inventors teamed up with the Canadian Space Agency and NSERC to ask children in Canada to think up and draw their invention ideas for Life in Space. We received 3000 designs from the ingenious to the brilliantly bonkers and 30 were made into real prototypes by expert makers. The two winners were announced from the International Space Station by Canadian astronaut David Saint Jacques via video link to a large gathering of young people at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Fredericton, Canada.

Prime Minister Science Fair 2018!

Two of the Canadian inventions were presented to The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, at the Prime Minister's inspiring Science Fair in Ottawa. Our little inventors were two of 30 projects on display.